Underwater Activities in Patong

There are probably hundreds of activities to get involved in while you visit Patong, but they can easily be split into three categories; Sea, Land, and Beach, –and the stuff you can get up to in the ocean is the main draw of a fantastic vacation in paradise. Here’s a list of the things you can find to do in the beautiful waters off the Patong Beach area.

Ocean Canoeing – Ecotourists and Patong visitors who just want some peace and quiet for a while don’t have to languish away in a high cost spa their whole vacation long; there’s another way to enjoy nature, the water, and the wildlife of Patong. Such a lazily, slowly rowing your way to the various tiny outlying islands around Phuket, most of them uninhabited, with plenty of animals to watch.

Snorkeling – Snap on the mask, head down, and paddle with your flippers; you don’t have to dive to see some pretty neat things in the water, especially if you’re far enough away from the usual swimmers to see a few brave fish. And if you are near the swimmers, you’ll also have a fine view of a few bikinis.

Diving – If you want to see more than bikinis and bait fish, rent a tank, a suit, and some flippers, and have a look at some of the exotic, unique wildlife beneath the waters near Patong Beach. You’ll find all kinds of fish along the natural reefs, but don’t break any off! The reefs around Phuket have been smashed and torn to pieces, and are only just now started to grow again.

Try these other great water activities in Patong!

  • Surfing & Wake-Boarding
  • Fishing
  • Sailing & Para-sailing
  • Jet Skiing & Water Skiing

Author: Phuket Vogue

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