Visiting Phuket in August

A large island off the western coast of Thailand, Phuket is situated on the Andaman Sea. The entire island is about the same size as that of Singapore. On a per capita basis, Phuket is the richest province in Thailand and is second to Bangkok in real terms. The island is also known for its amazing beaches, lush hills and jungles, exciting nightlife, exotic sea life and wildlife, rich culture and interesting traditions.

Most tourists plan a visit or a trip during the months of November through March, which is the high season because this is when temperatures average about 30 degrees Celsius and the blue skies are always sunny. During these months, the island is at its busiest, with the hotels and restaurants bustling and the beaches packed with sun seekers. Everything is also more expensive: from hotel room rates to food.

However, if you will be visiting during the months of April through October, you can expect more rainfall. These months are considered the low season. At the start of the low season, there are usually heavy thunderstorms and rains during the late afternoon. From late May through November, the average temperature becomes lower and there are rain showers on most days.

Phuket in August is usually characterized by nearly empty beaches, quiet hotels and resorts and few people on the streets. Although many avoid going to Phuket in August, there are some who actually wait for the low season or the monsoon season to come before traveling to the island. This is because everything is cheaper. Room rates in hotels and resorts are significantly lower compared to the rates during the high season.

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway that would give you some peace of mind, then you can try going there during this season. It would also be advisable to visit Phuket in August as you can really enjoy the serenity of the waves and the beach. You can go restaurant-hopping as you try all the dishes without having to bump elbows with the patrons sitting on the next table. Also, the light and warm winds brought about by the monsoon season create a pleasant and comfortable environment as you go on some sightseeing tours.

The usual weather pattern during the monsoon season would be short rain showers and a lot of sun in between, which would give you the chance to talk with the locals as you wait for the rains to stop. Keep in mind that during this season, it does not rain every day so you would have a lot of time going out enjoying the sun, the scenery and everything that Phuket has to offer.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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