Wanna write a Phuket holiday review?

For whatever reason, when people get back from their Phuket holiday they usually want to write some sort of Phuket review for the world to see, be it on a blog, in a forum or even in a book. Perhaps it’s the digital revolution, but we just can’t help but share our best tips and hints for other travelers to use.

If you’re going to write a Phuket review, you have plenty of options. There are numerous forums where you can document any of the weird and wonderful things you saw on your Phuket holiday or else query anything you might be unsure about. One of the best forums is Lonely Planet, which is geared up for travelers to come and ask questions or share their tips and tricks.

We don’t have much good to say about the Phuket forums over at Thai Visa. They are heavily moderated, not geared up for new users and generally frequented by people who won’t help much. So, unless you have a great tip for somewhere to eat or drink beer, don’t expect too much. It’s not really a Phuket holiday forum, it’s more for grumpy expats.

Other outlets for your Phuket review include sites like Trip Advisor and Yahoo! Travel, on which you can write about all the best bits of your Phuket holiday and share any great things you may have stumbled across while you were there. Hotel reviews written by guests are now commonplace and they are a good way of deciding where you want to stay before you arrive on the island.

Of course, if you want to go all out with your Phuket review, there’s nothing to stop you setting up your own blog with WordPress or Blogspot and writing every little last detail of your Phuket holiday. You can even join Flickr and upload all your photographs for the world to see.

If you start a blog, though, you might not want to stop, so there’s no harm in carrying on writing beyond your Phuket review and including whatever it is you enjoy writing about.

Books about Phuket holidays, however, are usually very boring. They tend to focus on bar girls and night-time escapades. Actually, pretty much all books about Thailand seem to go down that path. There are other things to do in Phuket besides having sex with Thai bar girls. Honestly, we’re not lying to you. It’s true.

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