Website takes on Phuket Holidays and more

We’re not selfish here at Phuket Vogue, so we trawl the web for the latest and greatest resources available to readers about Thailand holidays. We like to think we’re pretty clued up when it comes to Phuket, but for those times when we need to travel elsewhere, we need to look somewhere.

The Thailand Holidays website caught our eye recently. The site is kind of like Phuket Vogue, with a similar vibe, only a whole lot more destinations. What makes Thailand Holidays different is that it’s interactive, with travelers from all over the world able to weigh in to lend their support in the form of tips and guides.

Everywhere from Phuket to Chiang Mai is covered. The information is great for getting an overview of places, but is perhaps a little lacking in real depth at this stage – something that will likely change with the joining of more members.

The section on Phuket Holidays gives a good feel of the island as well as offering a few suggestions for hotels. We’d like to see a bit more detail be put into each of the overviews, as at the moment, the bulk of information is about Bangkok. Otherwise, the site looks pleasant enough and is a strong base for building on.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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