What is it about Thai girls?

If you’re in Phuket, it doesn’t take long to figure out that Western men have a serious thing for Thai girls. There’s an entire industry that thrives off this fact. Thai girls are, for whatever reason, a major draw for male (and sometimes female) travellers. Perhaps you’ve never been to Phuket and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about Phuket girls. Fair enough, so how about a couple of pictures to illustrate a point:

A pretty Thai girl

A beautiful Thai girl

As you can see from these pictures of unknown Thai girls, there is something there that is difficult to describe. Perhaps it’s the eyes, which have a kind of seductive quality. It might be the petite bodies that keep foreigners so interested in Thai girls. Maybe it’s the silky black hair. Or could it be the tone of the skin.

We’re willing to bet that all of these have something to do with the allure of Thai girls, but the real draw isn’t the girls themselves, but the country in which they live. People chose to relocate to Phuket and other parts of Thailand because it’s such an easy nation to live in. The fact that Thai girls are so pretty is an added bonus, but the girls are equally attractive in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and so on.

Those other countries, however, cost more to live in and life isn’t quite as relaxed as in Thailand. Perhaps another side to the pull of Thai girls is that Thailand has such an open sex industry. The paradox is that it’s there for all to see, but it’s actually illegal and the Thais don’t like to talk about it too much.

It could be that the image many Western men have about Thai girls is effectively distorted because of the sex industry and because of the easy way of life in Thailand. The three are often lumped together and many men come to Thailand in search of the trio without really appreciating that they are not one and the same. People who come in search of paradise soon find that Phuket has the same hang-ups as anywhere else, especially when it comes to relationships.

It’s a strange phenomenon that such a beautiful island as Phuket attracts a large number of people not for the island itself, but for the Thai girls that live on it. Who’s to say if it’s a good thing or a bad thing?

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