What. The. F***.

This one has us scratching out heads. The Phuket Gazette, the island’s top source of news, ran a story with the headline “Phuket has a serious new blog”. This is one of the day’s top stories, even more so than “Drowning victim’s body recovered off Rawai”.

From the story:

ThePhuketInsider.Com, a major new blog described as “The Source for All Hotel & Real Estate News”, was launched today by Phuket Gazette columnist Bill Barnett, the well-known local property and hospitality consultant.

That’s a “major” new blog with only one page indexed in Google.

His blog is slated to become something quite special for readers with an interest in the ‘Greater Phuket’ area.

Slated by whom? Something “quite” special? Maybe one day it will even become really special.

It’s unlikely to indulge in hype or to seek readers through sensationalism. And, most uniquely, the site won’t be engaging in commerce.

OK. So it’s only unlikely to indulge in hype, except for the news story on the Gazette’s website. And there won’t be any sensationalism! Well that really is comforting coming from a real estate blog. There also won’t be any commerce, except for the prominent links to Barnett’s C9 Hotelworks.

Barnett says, “You won’t find banner ads, hotel bargains, condos for sale or Google AdWords on the site. It is purely relevant information as it happens, without the mass commercialization.”

So you’ll be removing the links to your company then? We will be watching to see how this “promising” new blog develops, especially given that the blogger doesn’t know the difference between Adwords and Adsense.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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