Which Phuket beach is your favorite?

One of the most common questions we are asked about Phuket is what our favorite Phuket beach is. With about a dozen easily accessible beaches to choose from, it’s hard to pick one as our favorite.

One Phuket beach that we never tire of visiting is Mai Khao Beach. Being such an enormous beach, there are countless deserted spots where you won’t be disturbed by those bloody banana boats or any other tourists. Mai Khao is one Phuket beach that can feel a little too secluded at times, but that’s how we like it.

On the flip side, the most popular Phuket beach is, of course, Patong Beach. While we don’t make a habit of visiting Patong Beach for the sake of the sand and the water, in terms of places to party, Patong really is the only Phuket beach with much of a nightlife scene.

Perhaps the most underrated Phuket beach is Yanui Beach, which is a really beautiful spot.

With low season upon us, there is a lot of rain, but there are still sunny days when it’s possible to make it out to the beach.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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