Yanui Beach loses its shine during low season

We went down to Yanui Beach today to see how the place was looking and we’re sorry to report that the beach is filthy. It’s a tiny beach that is usually cleaned by a bunch of the people who work down there during high season, but as it’s low season at the moment, there are bottles and all sorts of trash scattered about the place.

It’s a real shame because Yanui Beach is one of the sweetest beaches in Phuket, just around the corner from Nai Harn Beach. Nai Harn Beach is looking a lot better this low season than Yanui Beach.

The Phuket beaches are only as good as people keep them and it’s a crying shame that people seem to lose all interest in keeping the area looking beautiful during low season. This kind of sums up the mentality of the tourism industry here in Phuket. Make it look good while they’re here and then let it all rot while they’re away.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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